Calgary Wedding Calligraphy - Watercolour Envelopes by Kaitlyn Elizabeth Ann

Envelope Calligraphy

Calligraphy adds a beautiful and personalized touch to your event envelopes.  An envelope is often the first thing your guest will see so make them stand out with watercolour brush calligraphy.

Envelope Outer Address $2.50/envelope

Envelope Outer Address & Back Flap Return Address $5/envelope

Custom Colours $10+ depending on colour

*Envelopes must be provided by the client.  We ask for 20% extra (these will be returned to you if not used). If you require envelopes we can source these for you at an additional cost.  Light coloured envelopes are best for watercolour to show clearly.

Address list must be supplied typed out and not handwritten.  At booking we can discuss how you want the envelopes addressed; Mr & Mrs Mills, The Mills, Mr & Mrs Mills & Family etc. I will ask you to write them out like this on your provided address list. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks depending on size of the order. To be discussed at booking.


Custom Watercolour Vow Prints

Wedding Vow Calligraphy

The day of your wedding you stand in front of your family, your friends, and you stare into your best friends eyes and speak promises to them.  The vows you say on your wedding day are filled with hopes, wishes, promises and love.  Capture these vows in a special way! A wonderful first anniversary gift to celebrate the love and commitment you have made.  The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper and what a better way to remind yourself of the words you spoke to each other.  Hang your vows in your home as a way to honour the foundation of your marriage, a daily reminder to live each day with those words that you spoke shine through in your actions, plans and future.

Each vow set is an original. Hand painted on a watercolour 16"x20" art board.  The maximum number of words for each art board is 220. If you spoke the same vows to each other, they can be captured on one art board, or we can use two art boards to capture your personal vows to each other.

All custom watercolour calligraphy will be done by Kaitlyn in her signature style.  They are done in watercolour paint.

One Art Board of Watercolour Vows - $175

Two Art Boards of Watercolour Vows - $250